Monday, November 2, 2009

Art Class - Creating Depth

So, I started my second set of art classes and this past week was learning about creating depth. Our teacher has a ton of magazine pics and photocopies for us to go through for ideas and inspiration or just to copy - I chose a grove of trees. I liked the picture because of the light that was coming in from behind the trees. I chose to do it in shades of blue and kept it simple. It's funny, when I finished it, I didn't care for it much and didn't think it looked right, but after it dried and I had time to contemplate it, I have to say, it turned out ok. I had tons of leftover paint and since I hate to just throw it away, I grabbed another canvas and painted over a picture that I had painted that I didn't care for anyway.

trees (depth study)
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leftover paint
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plainolebob said...

how cool, you are doing great.
Big Hugs

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