Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Faux Encaustic

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Today I learned a faux encaustic technique. Encaustic is an art technique using beeswax mixed with damar resin and pigment, or at least that's one recipe. I love the look of real encaustic but it is expensive and toxic, so I'll stick with the faux. I can't do all the cool things that I could do with real encaustic, but it was still fun to try. Anyway, this was my mini creation, just something small to test out the technique. I found a piece of cardboard that I painted and used as a background for the piece. Sadly, today was also the last day of art class for the year. Cheryl mentioned the possibility of doing an open studio series so that we can just hang out and get advise as we need it, but also have a space to create, which I know I could use.


Anonymous said...

i have no idea what encaustic is, but this looks really nice, sometthing like and icon image i think its cool:)

plainolebob said...

Lisa, kind like minding your own beeswax, looks cool

Kristen said...

Hey Lisa!

More nice work!

I have an award for you over at my blog (http://readingartandwriting.blogspot.com/)



Anonymous said...

Hi! I am from NC also ... I am taking an online class to learn a faux method also... though I so want to try the real way. No room or money for yet another technique to try out. Nice to 'meet' a fellow NCer! Oh I am from near Winston Salem, are you close to there? I am always curious about how to find real art classes.

Anonymous said...

I just thought, can you share the method you learned? Just wondering if it is different than the method I am attempting.

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