Friday, August 21, 2009


I got my first batch (small, but still) of artist trading cards done and ready to post. Just 5 for now but considering I did 3 of these in the space of a few hours tonight with my daughter, I imagine it won't take long before I have quite a few more done. I have to say, I think I'm most excited that I got to use something that I've had sitting around for a few years. I've had a cute, never used magnetic Creative Memories board that I had gotten off Craigslist for free and just never knew what to do with it. Almost gave it away not too long ago. Managed to find where I had put it and hung it over my desk and it is perfect for the cards.
Don't critique too harsh.

This is the first one I did using a gel transfer technique for the Greek writing and decoupaged a photo image from a magazine and painted over it. I don't think I'm quite done with it, but am posting it for now.

One to inspire my daughter

Doodle tree

My attempt at abstract (or maybe cubism)

Folk Art bird

My freebie board, perfect for ATC's


therealbobthought said...

man , bess loves your stuff, me i'm more into cammos

Anonymous said...

what bob means is he just spills his stuff everywhere and cant find it :)
i agree with him tho. i love it, your work, not him spilling things

the first one , the face looks greats. i think one sign of a truely artist person is they always think, their peaces are incomplete

Kristen said...

These are very intriguing. Are they something you hope to market or just a hobby?

heidicindy said...

very nice!

luvblinds_u said...

LOVE love love, the first one! Oh, and thanks for the comment on my blog :)

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