Friday, August 28, 2009

35 for 35

Today is the day. 35 years have gone by and I still wonder who I am. I am very grateful for what I have. I am still healthy and happy and I have a home, a job and a family that I love. So, going back to not knowing who I am, I have created a list of who I want to be and what I want to do with my life. This is my list - 35 for 35.

  1. go back to school and get a degree

  2. continue expanding my art

  3. be more friendly and social

  4. make time for myself

  5. set goals and strive for them

  6. say what i mean and mean what i say

  7. find my passion

  8. join a social group

  9. write more

  10. laugh more

  11. be adventurous

  12. get fit and lose weight

  13. take my family to Puerto Rico and introduce them to my culture

  14. participate in life

  15. listen to my spirit

  16. find contentment with what I have

  17. garden more

  18. watch less TV

  19. declutter my space

  20. give more to my children of what they really need

  21. control my temper

  22. complain less

  23. remember God

  24. spend less

  25. save more

  26. be rid of debt

  27. foster this partnership that is my marriage

  28. leave it at the door

  29. be less judgemental

  30. spend time with my friends

  31. give myself permission to be me

  32. celebrate the holidays with my family

  33. appreciate my mother

  34. see my inner beauty

  35. well, this one I'll keep for myself...


therealbobthought said...

happy birthday
took your advice changed my blog site again.

Anonymous said...

Thats a hek of a list thier. I hope #13 works out, traveling can be fun. I hope your kids learn from the web also. The net isn't just vidoe games and "stuff"

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday! This is a very neat idea for a post. Many of those things are all just state of mind changes - which I find terribly hard (like getting fit and watching less tv). Keep us updated on your progress.

therealbobthought said...

lisa, i was just notified that my blog "i am in the papers" was nominated for that award, so what now? scam or real?

luvblinds_u said...

Kinda like my recent post :) I have a feeling I'm goin to b like u when I get a little older... still striving for more :)
Anyways, I dont know ya, but "Happy Birthday"!!!
Hope u reach ur goals.

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