Thursday, July 9, 2009

Twitter and the Lazy Blogger

I have to admit, I am one of the few people in the world not at all fascinated by Twitter. I'm also not one for texting on a cell phone and they both seem one in the same to me. I'll admit, I have a Twitter account. Curiosity got the best of me, but didn't keep me around. It just doesn't have the same power as a full post. It is incomplete, incoherent sentences full of IDK and IMHO that I just have the hardest time figuring out. It just doesn't have the beauty of actually writing out a real statement, hence why I enjoy blogging. Twitter seems to me to be another example of how we aren't taking time out for writing or truly communicating with the people in our lives. No filler words, no beauty. The thing that I'm noticing now is people updating their blogs through Twitter. Last night I was cleaning out my Favorites, Blog folder. I noticed a few of the blogs that I used to go to were full of Twitter updates and not much else. I had originally saved these blogs, not because I thought the templates were pretty or they had nice pictures, but because I liked what the person had to say and I loved the way they said it. Some people can just put words together so eloquently and now it seems that more and more of us aren't bothering. Not only that, but actually reading some of these blogs used to get my mind thinking and pulled out my creative spirit. I wonder how our kids will do in high school when they have to take an English class and actually have to write something with meaning, passion and real thought - things that can't be conveyed in a ten word tweet or in single letter abbreviations. Will this generation be able to produce great writers or thinkers?


Amy Ellen said...

I have never even been to the Twitter website. I enjoy reading people's blogs instead.

Jeanne Rhea said...

I went to hear Ellen Goodman at Meredith College this week. She brought some of this up that you mentioned in this post. I can't get into Twitter either. Facebook was even hard for me. I like to get more of a story. Not just a fleeting comment that means very little. So I am with you. Will take a good blog entry any day over the twitter of Facebook post.

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