Monday, January 17, 2011

I Love Me

Having spent several years trying to "fit in" to the mold that others thought I should fit into, I have decided no longer. No longer will I temper my honesty or opinion just because it may offend someone (when it is not an offensive statement). No longer will I subdue my personality to fit into someone else's view of how a lady should act. I will be me, unapologetic and honestly me.

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sjmcdowell said...

Always be all that you do and say. We are all created with different traits....likes, dislikes, viewpoints, interests etc.
Be true to yourself has always been my moto in all that I do. Some folks have not liked me because of that but that is their problem not mine. I can not help what others think of me but I can help what I do in this world.

Loving Yourself is a Gift and then you can Truly give that Gift of Love to Others!!



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