Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Being Mom

I've been working on spending less time on the computer and more time with my kids. I've managed to set the phone down, not even allowing myself to check an email or play a game, and I haven't been turning on the computer until after the kids are in bed. It has been really nice concentrating on just being mom - no cleaning or fussing about messes, just sitting with my kids, watching a movie or playing. It actually inspired me for my newest journal page. Sometime we parents forget that we are respondsible for how our kids turn out and we get busy with other things. Then when we end up with crazy kids, we wonder what went wrong. Yeah, some of it is just their natural personality, but a lot of it is how we raise them. That thought inspired my "tree" writing in my journal and art. I'm not much for sharing what I write (sorry, just find it a bit uncomfortable still), but I wanted to share the page as I thought it was nice. I took a paper and taped it to the outer edge of the page I was getting ready to paint on so that it was a bigger page. I glued, gessoed, painted, and wrote across the page. I like that I can fold it closed. It feels like a little surprise to open the page and see what is in it.

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Sharon DiGiulio said...

Hi Lisa:
Sounds like you are in the beginning of a wonderful journey this year! Keep enjoying each day and writing about it. You really crack me up!

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