Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas in Carolina

Despite being sick and oh so brilliantly setting my I-phone in a glass of water, Christmas was pretty nice. The kids went out of town from Wednesday through Saturday, so it gave me some free time to just do whatever. When they came home Saturday, they had a blast opening their presents. It was nice and stressfree - and the kids got to just enjoy making a mess and playing with their new toys. A nice little bonus for us here - we had snow for Christmas, almost anyway. We woke up Sunday morning to around 6-8" of snow here. Even though I'm not a snow person (I just can't get past the cold), the snow was a beautiful sight. After awhile though, I was ready for it to be gone. I just don't like the cold at all. I mean, come on, I was born in the tropics and grew up in Texas and North Carolina - do I really seem like one for the cold? I do have to give big kudos to our DOT since our roads were pretty clear the next day. I was able to venture out and get some after Christmas shopping done. Oh well, I guess there was one good thing about snow here - extra day off work!
Some pics - Enjoy!

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Ophelia said...

I hope you are feeling better! Your kids look like they are having fun!

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