Saturday, August 9, 2008

Coupon clipping

In an attempt to actual use the coupons I go through the trouble of clipping, I decided to make a coupon organizer to keep them in. I did a lot of searching and reading and found that everyone was recommending making a book using photo pages and baseball card pages. This would be a full size book, maybe in a Trapperkeeper or something like that, that would have places for the coupons and pockets for keeping actual store fliers, etc. Well, I got it together maybe 2 or 3weeks ago and so far it hasn't moved from my livingroom. I take that back, I did take it to a friends house for her to look at. I think that I've decided that people who would go through the trouble of putting one of these together are just people who are coupon crazy anyway or organizing freaks (something I wish I was).

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