Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Garden's Growing

I'm so excited, my garden is actually looking like a garden as opposed to the muddy pit it was when I first started. My favorites so far are the Black n Blue Salvia and the Cleome. Now, if I can just keep the deer out. The second round of rooting my hydrangeas is working out pretty good and my rosemary and salvia have rooted well and are growing good already. My moonflower bush looks like it'll be ready to bloom any day now - I can't wait. The blooms look like they are going to be huge. Guess it's time to go ahead and lay some mulch down so that it looks a little neater.
My compost is turning out really good. Got my catalogs ordered for my organic veggie garden that I'll be starting in the Spring. Planning on tomatoes, potatoes, yellow and red peppers, cucumbers, carrots, and maybe some squash or zucchini. Probably should grow some corn considering the price, but I'm wanting to keep it small. I've also got my peach tree in a pot that I need to decide whether to plant or move to a bigger pot.

Some pic, enjoy.

Black n Blue Salvia

Martha Stewart Lily


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