Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Serious Addiction

I have become seriously addicted to reading blogs, keeping me up for endless hours at night. I started blogging as a way to finally relax and let people know me a little better. Now I feel like changing the world with my thoughts and ideas - silly I know. Seems weird to get excited about my life by reading about others...

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This is Jane. said...

Hey there! I was busying myself with clicking the Next Blog button and I ended up here at your lovely one! I'm a blogger too, and I sooo know what you mean about not being able to quit reading them. It can be entirely too difficult to stop swimming the waters of the blogosphere sometimes.

I don't know if you know about these already (or if I'm being presumptuous, sorry if I am :)) but these are some pretty cool blogs that I literally spend HOURS reading, if you know, you need anymore material to waste the day with:

I hope you have a good day, from one blogger to another!

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