Friday, April 23, 2010

Looking for...inspiration

I was so hoping that the nicer weather would inspire me to create some new stuff again, but I just haven't been motivated. I feel like a need a week off of work to just get my home organized and cleaned and maybe then I'll feel comfortable here again and feel like creating.

My ex-hub did bring me a wonderful gift - his trash from work. I'm not complaining. He brought me a nice pile of scraps of Mylar that would've gone in the trash anyway. I always think it would be nice to make those really cool contemporary hanging lamps with the scraps or something, but normally it just gets piled away. One day though, I think I will do a reverse painted lamp covering or something with it but for now it gets used for collaging or journalling. I did start on a journal page with some of the Mylar, but didn't feel like finishing, so no pic today, but I got a pic of 2 new paintings.

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I think I'm rather fond of this painting even though it's very dark.

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And this one is dedicated to my favorite coffee shop. One of the owners has an obsession with cupcakes. Just don't know what that's all about. This was taken before it was done. I'll have to take a pic of the completed one and post later.

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Ophelia said...

I love, love, love what you are doing! I remember your coffee story, and this piece rocks!!

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