Friday, February 5, 2010

Did I do Something?

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Hey - I actually painted something this week - Yea!!! I got a wonderful book a the bookstore the other day called Celebrate your Creative Self by Mary Todd Beam and I found it pretty inspiring. I had bought some acrylic inks over the holidays and didn't do anything with them, so after reading her book and looking at all her beautiful pictures, I pulled out my inks and just had fun putting it on my canvas. I created some texture and effects with some gel medium, aluminum foil, salt, and alcohol. The picture, of course, looks like crap - maybe my next thing will be a photography class. The bright red and yellow in the photo is not dry, so it's brighter than it will end up once dried. Anyway, I just had to share.

Mood: Feeling Good by Nina Simone


Anonymous said...

i was torn, it looks ok but dark. I wasnt sure if it put me in a mellow mood or a cheery mood with the bright colours. I like it tho.

Ophelia said...

This is wonderful!!! Love your blog and will visit often.

Violet Sands said...

Hi there, i love the painting! iTs great to see peoples creativity and ideas. Everyone is so different.p.s. sorry i have not left you a comment sooner and thanks for looking at my blog too.

Ninnles said...

Great post. I've been searching for inspiration today and you helped. I'll be back to read some more.

BlackSunshine said...

I think your paintings are gorgeous!

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