Saturday, September 5, 2009


Long holiday weekend, so what better to do but make a mess at my craft/art station making ATC's:

Life is Comedy. Some days this is how I truly feel about life. Stamp ink background and pen drawing.

Nature. This one I totally LOVE. I got the bark off of a birch tree when went to Target and attached a stamped and embossed paper to it. You can't really see it, but the paper is a wallpaper sample graduation of green that I got from a sample book (purchased entire sample book for all of $3 at Scrap Exchange!!). The stamp was a gift which makes it even better.

Loteria. This is made from game pieces for Mexican Bingo, also known as Loteria. I used to love playing this with spare change when I lived in Texas. The images are so nice and vibrant in color. I painted the card blue, glued down the images from the game, gessoed over the entire thing, scraped some of the gesso off when it dried and embossed a pattern over it. Still needs something else, so I'll think on this one for a while.


plainolebob said...

oh man i love the life is comedy thingy

JeanFB said...

Wonderful ATCs! Love how you have a variety of techniques... you've inspired me to jump in and try more! Thanks for visiting my blog, and your sweet comments. And... I'll have to try the Scrapexchange sometime - it's not too far from where I live :)

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