Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sunday Night Boredom and Hair Dye

Let me just start off by saying that Sunday night boredom and hair dye don't mix. In the last 3 months I have gone from dying my hair black, to getting blond "halo" highlights, and finally an assortment of red hues. What can I say, I get easily bored.
I don't know what got in to me a few months ago, but I decided to dye my hair black. Now, in my late teens and early twenties I use to dye it black all the time. It looked good and I could pull it off being younger and having good skin. I think people recently telling me that I look like I'm in my mid-20's got to my ego - to think that I could get away with dying my hair black at 35, what was I thinking? I hated it, it made me look older and I swear it highlighted every zit and wrinkle on my face. So, black hair dye has been banned. Of course, even though it was only a semi-permanent color, it still took several washes with Prell shampoo mixed with Dawn dishwashing detergent to get most of it out. Off to the salon for something different. Both my kids are blond and for whatever strange reason, it bothers me that I look nothing like them. So, I went and got some blond highlights put throughout my hair just to make me feel a little better. It didn't last long. I just don't care for blond hair - it's boring. Sorry if anyone out there is blond, I just don't care for it for me. I've dated several blonds, in fact I'd say 90% of the guys I've dated were blond, so on some level I must like it. I think that lasted about a month then I got bored this past Sunday. I forget how horrible the Carolina humidity is on my hair this time of the year, and natural curls don't really help, so I freaked out after I colored my hair. I thought for sure it was fried. It took me awhile to get accustomed to the Ronald McDonald red mixed with DJ Lance (from Yo Gabba Gabba) orange that took to my formerly blond highlights, but luckily red dye doesn't keep it's color all that well and it has faded out a bit. I think I'm in love with it - for


SOiNTOiT said...

I happen to like it...:) Pam (I don't allow myself to use hair cutting scissors when I'm bored anymore)

Ophelia said...

I love it!!! I too get bored easily...can be dangerous!!

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